Product description

Skinny ME– contains essential oils that have plenty of health benefits. Including regulation of Cortisol the Stress Hormone, Regular Bowel movement, it stimulates digestion. Skinny Me has Anti- imflmatory properties and is a strong antioxidant. Some of the compounds in Skinny Me are called “shogals” which can assist with Cancer Fighting and inflamation properties.

Grapefruit oil stimulated by circular application breaks down the fat tissue, the oil applied directly to cells and skin inhibits the formation of fatty tissue. After 3 weeks of study of the topical application it shows not only a decrease of abdominal fat but also a reduction in waist circumference.

A beneficial complementary therapy for balancing moods and relieves anxiety and has calming effects which in part is attributed to limone, it is also antimicrobial and antibacterial. It also aids in absorption to fight H.Pylori Bacteria which causes stomach ulcers. The oil enhances nerve activity and helps lower blood pressure and stress levels.

May assist with IBS and menstrual cramps.